Interstate Gas Marketing Inc. was formed in August of 1987 by Michael Melnick, Bill Gregg, Paul Ruddy and John Pisarcik shortly after the deregulation of the natural gas industry. Our initial business model was to aggregate independent Western Pennsylvania natural gas producers and, through our pipeline transportation expertise, get their gas to multiple markets matching them with commercial and industrial end-users across the State of Pennsylvania. The stable pricing offered to the producers and lower costs enjoyed by the natural gas end-users allowed us to expand to multiple states and become one of the largest natural gas brokers in the Mid Atlantic region.

While brokering natural gas supply was our companyís entry into the business, the founderís background was in the upstream segment of the business (production and exploration). The success of the marketing business allowed us to expand our business efforts in the later 1980ís into drilling natural gas wells in western Pennsylvania thereby developing our own natural gas supply. We later started offering working interest in wells through private placements which helped the company further expand.

Interstate Gas Marketingís entry into the natural gas drilling and service section came about out of necessity. After trying to work through subcontractor problems that occurred earlier in our career we bought our own drilling rig and started what would evolve into our wholly owned energy drilling and service company, Northeast Energy.

In 1987 we started with the managing partners being the only four employees. Today we have grown to over 150 employees that have made our 3 business segments industry leaders. Today we are still a premier provider of energy supply to commercial and industrial end-users, own and manage over 900 natural gas wells in Pennsylvania along with Northeast Energy, a leading service and drilling company for the Marcellus Shale and conventional drilling industry.

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