Gas & Electric Services

Gas Marketing

Interstate gas is one of the few companies that sell directly from our production wells to customers of all sizes, our 25 plus years of Industry experience puts at the front of the pack in Natural Gas sales. We combine our experience in delivering a reliable cost effective supply of natural gas to a wide variety of customers. IGM has worked with fortune 100 companies to universities, property managers and Restaurant owners, we are committed to working with our customers to insure that they are saving money on their natural gas consumption. Call us today for a Free Natural Gas and Electric analysis.

Electric Sales

Interstate Gas has been a regional leader in placing our client base with reliable and price effective companies that we represent. IGM is a licensed supplier for Electric Generation in the Pennsylvania Market. IGM has sold over 300 MW of power to Pennsylvania Customers. IGM offers a duel energy rebate when purchasing both Natural Gas and Electric from us… Please call today for a free Analysis.

Interstate Gas Marketing is a leading energy provider. Contact us for a free analysis.